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전종혁 (Jeon Jong Hyuk)

Music Director, Composer

Music Director of Film, TV Drama, Commercial Music, Musical

Leader of Film, Drama Music Production Team '12tone'

OST Producer, Composer

기름진 멜로 OST Part.2  (Wok of Love, Pt. 2)

ㆍ영재 (GOT7) (Young Jae) - 그 시간에 (At the Usual Time)

Composed by 남혜승, 허석, 전종혁 (Jeon Jong Hyuk)

Lyrics by 남혜승, JELLO ANN, 허석, 전종혁 (Jeon Jong Hyuk)

(2018.05.14, ℗ 2018 더하기미디어(Plusmedia),under license to Loen Entertainment Inc)

ㆍ호윤 (HoYoon) - 101   /   Composed by 허석, 전종혁 (Jeon Jong Hyuk)

ㆍ이원석 (Lee Won Suk, From Daybreak (데이브레이크)) - 101

​ㆍ현진주 (Hyun Jin-Ju) - 아름다운 이야기 (Bittersweet Bliss)   /   Lyrics by 박민주, 전종혁 (Jeon Jong Hyuk)

(2017.05.04, ℗ 2017 씨그널엔터테인먼트그룹)

OST From Drama '자체발광 오피스 (Radiant Office (Original Television Soundtrack))'

jtbc Drama '하녀들 (Maids)' Theme Collection

Music by 12Tone

(2015.03.30, CJ E&M Music)

이홍균 - 토닥토닥

OST From Drama '황금주머니 (Golden Pocket, 黄金のポケット) (MBC)'

(2017.04.13, Nice Dream Media, Soribada)

composed by 전종혁 (Jeon Jong Hyuk),

Lyrics by 송종선

그냥 사랑하는 사이 (JTBC 월화드라마) OST - Part.1  (Rain or Shine (TV series))'

ㆍ짙은 (Zitten) - 눈을 뜬다   /   Composed by 허석, 전종혁 (Jeon Jong Hyuk)

(2017.12.12, ℗ 2017 Universal Music Korea)

▶ Music Rerefences

TV Drama  |  Music Director

MBC   자체발광오피스 (Radiant Office, 自己発光オフィス), 황금주머니 (Golden Pocket, 黄金のポケット)

            내일도 승리 (Tomorrow Victory), 이브의 사랑 (Eve’s Love), 천사의 선택 (Angel’s Choice), 오늘만 같아라 (The Best Day In My Life)

MBC every1   상상고양이 (Imaginary Cat), 사랑 주파수 37.2 (Love Frequency 37.2)

jtbc   마녀보감 (Mirror of the Witch), 하녀들 (The Maids)

tvN & TV Chosun   위대한 이야기 (The Kim Sisters)

...and many more


​MBC  투윅스 (Two Weeks), 옥션 하우스 (Auction House)

KBS   강력반 (Detectives in Trouble), 오필승 봉순영 (Oh Feel Young), 드라마 시티 (Drama City)

SBS   가족의 탄생 (The Birth of Family)...and many more

TV Drama  |  Composer, Arranger

​jtbc   그냥 사랑하는 사이 (Rain or Shine (TV series))

OCN   블랙

MBC   파수꾼 (番人), 돌아온 복단지, 운명처럼 널 사랑해 (You Are My Destiny), 구암 허준 (Hur Jun the Original Story),

           당신 참 예쁘다 (You Are So Pretty), 심야병원 (Midnight Hospital)...and many more

KBS   아빠셋 엄마 하나 (One Mom and Tree Dads)
SBS   수상한 파트너 (Suspicious Partner)엔젤아이즈 (Angel Eyes), 외과의사 봉달희 (Surgeon Bong Dal-hee)...and many more

tvN     하백의 신부 (The Bride of the Water God) 

and   삼총사 (The Three Musketeers), 무정도시 (Cruel City), 프로포즈 대작전 (Operation Proposal)

         별순검 (Chosun Police Season)...and many more

Film  |  Music Director

세상의 끝 (The end of the world (초신성 (ChoSinSung) 주연, Japan))

대한이 민국씨 (Mr. Daehan Mr, Mingook), 암컷들 (Females), 

크로노스의 딸 (Daughter of Kronos)...and many more



주유소 습격사건 (Attack the Gas Station), 투혼 (Toohon),

권순분 납치사건 (Mission Impossible Kidnapping Granny K), 

귀신이 산다 (Ghost House), 최강 로맨스 (The Perfect Couple),

마이파더 (My Father)...and many more

Musical, Concert  |  Arranger

​서태지 25주년 콘서트 롯데카드 무브

페스트 (Peste), 바람과 함께 사라지다 (Gone with the wind), 미녀는 괴로워 (200 Pounds Beauty)

Mama Don’t cry, Gone Tomorrow ...and many more

Music References

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