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Drama, Film

본사가 관리하는 국 내외 저작권자의 음악을, 영화, 드라마의 주제 음악 및 배경음악으로 이용되도록 프로모션 합니다.

We seeks out the use of our music as the background music for variety of entertainment TV programs.

Per-Olov Kindgren's Legendary Guitar Singles for the Usage of Drama

스웨덴 클래식 기타의 거장인 Per-Olov Kindgren의 음악이 주인공 테마로 쓰여짐. 

하녀들 (Maids), pitching up an actor's theme

TV Drama, jtbc

Intro music : "행복+ (Happiness +)"

by 이지수 (Jisoo Lee) from his single album "Dream Of... You"

미생 (Mi-Saeng), Intro Theme

TV Drama, tvN

TV Drama, tvN

나인 (Nine), pitching up a BGM song, 

Richard Sanderson - Reality (from film "La Boum" soundtrack origin)

이병헌, 정준호 (Lee & Cheong's) Theme, "Before I go" by Sugar Caine

아이리스 I (IRIS I), pitching up an actors theme

TV Drama, KBS

OST - RYU's theme (류호성 테마) - "Everything Must Change" by Todd Gordon
BGM - "Dance With Me" (Composed by Mu Cavarho)

태양을 삼켜라 (Swallow the Sun), OST, BGM

TV Drama, SBS

"처음 (Cheoum)" by 이지수 (Jisoo Lee), from his 1st album "처음 (the First)", 

겨울연가 (Winter Sonata), pitching up theme

TV Drama, KBS

"Cries and Whisper", 우진테마 (Woojin's Theme)

by 이지수 (Jisoo Lee) (from his 1st album)

올드보이 (Old Boy), pitching up an actors theme

"Elegi" by 이지수 (Jisoo Lee), from his 1st album.

실미도 (Silmido), pitching up a theme

and many more


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