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We promote our music to the active artists who want to use as a cover even remake song.

본사 관리 음악을 리메이크 할 수 있도록 프로모션 합니다.

김건모 (Kim Gun Mo) -  I Can't Wait Forever

From Album '나는 가수다 (I Am Singer)' 2` 7월 B조 경연

(2012.07.08, MBC)

Composed by Jay Graydon

Original Song by Air Supply

여명 (Leon Lai (黎明) - 사랑한 후에 (After Loving You, 心在跳)

From Album '我這樣愛你'

(1998.12.06, ℗ 1998 Sony Music Entertainment (Hong Kong) Ltd.)

Composed by 최성욱 (Choi Sung Wook)

Lyrics by 유유진 (Yu Yu Jin)


This song hit massively at Hong Kong and Chinese region for several years got legendary records.

주다인 - 너라면 (Ju Da in - If You Are)

From Album 'Double'

(2007.09.01, (주) 블렌딩 (Blending)

Composed by J.Carbon

HILN (홀린) - Winter Time

From Album 'Remanent'

(2010.10.07, MACO n MAJOR Entertainment, Inc)

Composed by Steve Miller

Super Junior's cover version (sang by Gyuhyun, SUJU member) Original song has sang by Denmark legendary band 'Blink'. 

(2013.06.27, Genie Music)

슈퍼주니어 (Super Junior) - Kiss Me

From Album 'Supershow 4'

Origin.C : J.Carbone, A.Mazza, R.Harris  /  Korean lyrics : Choi Yeon Jae
원곡 'If You Give Me Your Heart To Me'를 '걸스데이'가 리메이크 함. 
이전에 최연제가 가창 및 작사로 발표한 곡

(2011.04.22, (주)오감엔터테인먼트)

걸스데이 (Girls Day) - 너의 마음을 내게 준다면 

OST From Drama "반짝반짝빛나는" Part 3

지나 (Gina) - Morning (Feat. 팬덤)

From Album "Hitman Project : A Tribute To The Hitman, David Foster

at her album "Hitman Project" (CA : David Foster , Jay Graydon)
David Foster, Jay Graydon의 곡을 가수 '지나'가 리메이크 함.
Hitman Project 음반에 수록

(2013.12.09, Loen Entertainment.)

and many more


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