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아리랑 콘체르탄테 (Arirang Concertante)

이지수 (Jisoo Lee) & London Symphony Orchestra

2015.03.23 / DFSB Kollective (World Wide)

2015.03.23 / Soribada (Korea)

01   밀양 아리랑 서곡 Milyang Arirang Overture

02   강원도 아리랑 Gangwondo Arirang (Vocal 소리꾼 김나니 Nani Kim)

03   한 오백년 Longevity (Vocal 소리꾼 김나니 Nani Kim)

04   상주 아리랑 Sangju Arirang (Daegum 대금 이용구 Yonggu Lee)

05   아리랑 랩소디 Arirang Rhapsody (Piano 피아노 이지수 Jisoo Lee)

06   아라리요 Arariyo (Vocal 소프라노 황수미 Sumi Hwang)

07   센티멘탈 왈츠 아리랑 Sentimental Waltz for Arirang (Piano 피아노 안종도 Jongdo An)

08   본조 아리랑 The Original Song of Arirang (Vocal 소리꾼 김나니 Nani Kim)

09   아리랑 포에티크 Arirang Poetique (Piano 피아노 안종도 Jongdo An)

10   아리랑 환상곡 Arirang Fantasy (Piano 피아노 이지수 Jisoo Lee)

Arirang Concertante

London Symphony Orchestra recorded this beautiful album “Arirang Concertante", which is a brand new concerto translating a Korean folk song ‘Arirang‘ into the more westernized and modernized one.

For this project album having motto that we make just a folk song 'Arirang' to be one of a global song that everyone in the world can enjoy and understandable even love, Mr. Jisoo Lee, well known Korean film and drama soundtrack composer has had newly composed and arranged whole songs and very talented and highly expected soloists were joined for this album together.

Song Introduction

밀양 아리랑 서곡 (Milryang Arirang Overture) 

The 'Milryang Arirang', one of Korea’s three major variations of 'Arirang' that represents the eastern region of Gyeongsang, was expanded into a grandiose piece for the orchestra. By transforming the original triplet 'Semachi' rhythm into 4/4 the cheerful marching sound along with the upbeat of the woodwinds is amplified, maximizing the gaiety of the Korean traditional folk music.

The arrangement of the nationally and internationally widely known 'Milryang Arirang' to a westernized overture well expresses the

spirit of the Korean ‘white-clad folk’ people.

한 오백년 (Hanobaengnyeon) (Vocal, 김나니 (Nani Kim))

The titling song of this album “Hanobaengnyeon” (meaning longevity, some 500 years) is a popular folksong with the menari-tori tune and characteristic lamentation and plea of the mountainous area of Gangwon Province. Although it sings about the sorrowful life, the buoyant rhythm keeps the mood light and optimistic, and the harmony created by the dramatic representation of the 'Sorigoon' and the rich orchestration successfully reaches the musical climax of the mournful spirit.


상주 아리랑 (Sangju Arirang)  (대금 (Daegeum), 이용구(Yonggu Lee))

As another version of the Arirang, the 'Sangju Arirang', which embraces both the joy and sorrow of the Korean people, and especially the longing of one’s homeland, is performed by 'Yonggu Lee', the harmonious contrast between the silvery melody of the Daegeum and the western orchestra creates a warmer and the deeply rooted sound of the Daegeum’s performance comforts our ancestors’ melanch-olic yearning to reclaim the homeland .

아라리요 (Arariyo)  (Soprano, 황수미 (Sumi Hwang))

The most common and well-known ‘Bonjo Arirang’ is arranged for orchestra and soprano, a calm, lyrical piece with the middle reworked dramatically. The elegant melody of the soprano complements the sophisticated, emotional mood of the Arirang’s delicate grieve.

아리랑 포티에크 (Arirang Poetique)  (Piano, 안종도 (Jongdo An))

At the beautiful piano track named 'Arirang poetique', just as the word ‘poetique’ conveys a beautiful, eloquent image, the piano andorchestra’s lyrical and dramatic tone expresses more than the sadness and longing the Arirang holds : the hopeful step towards the

future. Such tender feeling builds up from the middle of the piece, developing into a joyous, hopeful Arirang.

아리랑 환상곡 (Arirang Fantasy) 

The last track named 'Arirang Fantasy', alluding to the western musical form of ‘fantasy,’ the 'Arirang Fantasy' consists of the full-bodied orchestra’s magnificent sound, representing the Korean people’s dignified status, and the piano melody depicting the vibrant, optimistic

hope of Korea.

이지수 (Jisoo Lee)

Music Director, Composer

안종도 (Jongdo An)


이용구 (Yongkoo Lee)

대금 (Daegum)

Lee Reynolds


London Symphony Orchestra


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