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김태원 (Kim. Tae Won)

Composer, Team Leader of '부활 (BooHwal)' Band now

Never Ending Story

사랑할 수록 (Saranghalsoorok), Lonely Night, 희야 (Heeya),   

…got many Chart breaking history  

Kim wrote & composed most of BooHwal Band song.

1985  Band set up, titled “The End “

1986  Band name change and new start as “부활 (BooHwal)”,since Vol.1 ~ Vol.13 release 

Something highlights in this band’s career

★ Won Rock music Grand Prix, mnet Asian Music Award (MAMA) (2009)

★ Vol.8th [Never Ending Story] - KBS Grand Prix award for composition, Lyric field

Got sale record over 1 million units, KBS Grand Prix for Song of the Year, MBC Top Ten Singers award Very active in concerts and TV programs shown now.

OST Producer, Composer  |  TV Drama, Film

정단 - 내일은 비  /  김태원 - Children of August

휘성 - 회상  /  하동규, 김태원 - 별

거미 - 동화

OST From Film '내 머리 속의 지우개' (A Moment to Remember)

(2004.10.26, 2% Entertainment)

composed by 김태원 (Kim Tae Won)

OST From Drama '동안미녀' (TV Drama 'Baby Faced Beauty')

장나라 (Jang NaRa) - 오월의 눈사람 (Snowman of May),

(2011.05.02, Loen Entertainment)

composed by 김태원 (Lee Sang Hoon)

OST From Drama '무사백동수' (TV Drama 'Warrior Baek Dong Soo')

 부활 (BooHwal) - The Only Road


composed by 김태원 (Kim, Tae Won)

Discography  |  부활 (BooHwal)

부활 (BooHwal) - 꽃 (Flower) (Single)

(2018.02.22, Genie Music)

Composed by 김태원 (Kim, Tae Won)

부활 (BooHwal) - 새벽

(2002.09.01, Genie Music)

'Never Ending Story' - KBS Grand Prix award for composition, Lyric field ★ ★ ★

부활 (BooHwal) - Over the Rainbow

(2013.12.19, CJ E&M Music)

and many more


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