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베이스에이스 (BassAce)

Music Producer

1992   Korea Legend Band "SEOTAIJI Band" LA Concert Bass backband player

1994   Silver Prize Award at Philadalphia Gospell Contest for own composition

1994   Grand Prix at New York Rock Festival, as Freeman Club Band

1995   Silver Prize Award at the LA Rock Festival as Paradise Foxx Band

1996~1998   AD Assist-Director of LA Musical "Cats"

2006~2009   Music Director of LA Musical "Les-Miserables"

Musical Bands Co-operated with : Paradise Foxx & Freeman Club
Main Instruments : Bass Guitar, Electric Guitar & Synthesizer

Main Sequencer Used : Cubase 8

Music Style Pursued

Combinations of Rock, Metal, Blues, Classical Era Styles, EDM, Dance, Tango

and Many More

Musical Mentors : Sakamoto Ryuichi, Hasaishi Joe, Michael Jackson, the Beatles


He's Days - Single


Produced, Composed by BassAce

반쪽 (One Half) (Single)


Produced, Composed by BassAce

파란 벚꽃 (Blue Cherry Blossoms) (feat. Norcross) (Single)


Produced, Composed by BassAce

For Your High Heels (Single)


Produced, Composed by BassAce

1st Strike


Produced by BassAce

Dear My Fan

I am happy to introduce my short autobiography in the music field for those whom I love to send this emotional letter to.  The first time I faced music was when I was in high school fortunately, and the mentors I considered to follow were Sakamoto Ryuichi, Hasaishi Joe, Michael Jackson and the Beatles who had inspired me to pursue the brilliant light of ultimate music on my side.  As I have an unchangeable gift which is being with and making music on my daily life, I write the music lyrics with my warm heart to the world where the dignity of my melodies rises.  Now, it's the time to show my world to the other side of the world with the tears and the lonesome grief.  
BassAce, Music PD

and many more


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